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Who we Are?


The main vision of NEEDS is to extend its services in the field of climate change, air pollution,renewable energy, and environmental development by working towards achieving better qualityof life.


NEEDS came up with the mission to provide environmental/climate friendly and renewable energy technologies services to people and make their life healthy and productive.


Incorporating the need of environmental services for emerging issues we are working since beginning of last decades. NEEDS Pvt Ltd. has provided a wide range of applied research, training, and consulting services to government organizations, national and international non-government organizations, industries, regulatory bodies, communities, and other similar respective stakeholders, and extend environmental development in Nepal and benefit people through it, raise the people’s livelihood and income, meet energy demand, improve climate, health and sanitation conditions. The vital area of working are energy, health, climate change and air pollution. NEEDS has a well-qualified team of professionals both from the nation as well as international level.